ELL washbasins

Design: Benedini Associati, Andres Jost, Diego Cisi


Ell is a programme of washbasins designed by Benedini Associati. The self-bearing countertop is supported by brackets fixed to the wall.The front edge is chamfered, while the short sides can be chamfered or straight for positioning in a corner or niche.The countertop is made of Corian® white marble (Glacier White).

Ell has a thickness reduced to only 38,5 mm (1” 33/64) into which is made the 60 cm (23” 5/8) wide washbasin recess, marked by grill panel that can be freely located over the entire length of the top. It is available with a minimum length of 80 cm (31” 1/4) and a maximum length of 260 cm (102” 23/64).

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