Air – Finnish sauna


Air – Finnish saunas

Air 120 2830x2520x2130 h. mm. – 12,0 Kw. / Air 80 2470x1820x2130 h. mm. – 9,0 Kw. / Air 60 2170x1620x2130 h. mm. – 6,0 Kw.

Air 105 Corner 2470x1820x2130 h. mm. – 10,5 Kw. / Air 80 Corner 2170x1620x2130 h. mm. – 8,0 Kw.


Outside, inside: Teck – Tulipier

Fittings: Aspen or Thermo-treated Aspen

10 mm. Tempered glass

Features / Components:

Wall lighting with led white light

Heater with stones

Control panel with brushed steel finish

Automatic energy saver function

Electrical system with protected cable ducts


Protective grille for heater

Wooden bucket and ladle




Colour therapy led RGB

Mood light (led under the bench)

ECC Effegibi Comfort Control

ESS Effegibi sound system

Towel holder and shelf

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