IN-OUT bathtubs

Cm ø130,0/ø152,5

Design: Benedini Associati


Made entirely of white Exmar or two colourd (exterior in dark grey RAL7021 or light grey RAL7044), In-Out is a circular bathtub with the two different types of rim. Taps can be fitted to the wall, floor.

Dimensions: cm ø130,0/ø152,5 x 60/64h

A new solution in marble has been added to the In-Out bathtub range. The shape and size of the bathtub have been designed for use in an upright position. High-performance adhesives and perfectly sized components mean multiple pieces can be joined to create one large-scale bathtub. Instead of being concealed, the joints have been highlighted to emphasise the technical aspect of the steel profile which becomes a decorative feature. Made of white Carrara marble (MC) or Nero Marquinia marble (NM).

Dimensions: cm ø129,4 x 59h
Capacity: 521 l – 138 gal
Weight: 345 kg – 761 lb

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